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Preliminary data shows our ordering providers agree with radiologists’ follow-up recommendations almost 90% of the time, and the program has been well received by various members of hospital leadership.

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Addressing Radiology Recommendations Collaboratively

In collaboration with the Department of Quality and Safety at BWH, the Department of Radiology launched a new initiative in October 2019 called Addressing Radiology Recommendations Collaboratively (ARRC).

The primary goals of this initiative are to:

Reduce delays and missed diagnoses

Reduce missed and delayed diagnoses from imaging findings by establishing a collaborative care plan between radiologists and ordering providers.


Assist in the ordering, scheduling, and timely performance of imaging exams.

Here's how ARRC works:

As part of ARRC, radiologists are asked to use a Blue ANCR to document an imaging follow-up recommendation.

Provider Interacts with Recommendation

If the ordering provider agrees to the recommendation, a member of the Radiology Care Coordination team places the order on behalf of the ordering provider for co-signature in Epic and schedules the imaging exam with the patient.

Connect to Outside Providers

If the patient’s appropriate longitudinal provider is not part of BWH, a member of the Safety Net Team sends a letter with the relevant imaging findings and follow-up recommendation to the patient and the patient’s non-BWH primary care physician.

Ensure Safety Net

An ARRC Operations Team regularly tracks all Blue ANCR follow-up recommendations to ensure follow-up imaging exams are obtained, or the patients received a letter from the Safety Net Team.

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